Senior Olympics Recruiting for 2013 Games

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Bulletin TodayAs the Summer 2012 Olympics in London continue to draw the world’s attention, Mike Sophia is already focused on summer 2013. That’s when the National Senior Games — aka the “Senior Olympics” — will take place, and Sophia is already lining up older athletes to compete in what he expects to be a record-breaking event.

Catch Up On the Olympics With a Few Apps

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TechnologyHey, Olympics fans. Not around a TV? NBC isn’t broadcasting live? Have I found an app for you: the Reuters Olympics app. I’ve tried all of the apps made for the Olympics. This one outshines the others—by far.  It is full of the best live photos and magic moments captured by the Reuters photographers. I prefer using this on my iPad rather than on my smartphone because it is a bit easier to navigate and the picture resolution  is so …

Women Have Come a Long Way Since 1932 Olympics

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Bulletin Today | EntertainmentHelen Johns Carroll, now 97, was only 17 years old when she represented the United States in swimming at the 1932 Summer Olympics. That makes the gold medal she won 80 years old–and Carroll the product of a much different Olympic era.

2012 Olympics: Silver Foxes Among the Gold Seekers

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EntertainmentThe first few days of the NBC’s Olympics coverage have brought the network record-breaking ratings – and a brand-new dimension of angry complaints, thanks to social media!  Have you seen the venting on #NBCFailon Twitter?  Bob Costas & Co. haven’t met our high expectations and the network looks to have put viewability of the Games far behind commercials and promos in importance.  What do you think of the coverage so far? As we continue with the best in TV this week …

5,535 Hours of Olympics

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EntertainmentAt long last, the 2012 London Olympics begin this week, and we can hardly wait to be amazed by the athletic feats, the moving stories, the pageantry!  We will be in good hands: 60-year-old Bob Costas is at the top of his game going into this, his 10th Olympics for NBC Sports and his ninth as primetime host.  Having already served in this capacity more than any other broadcaster, he is expected to put in between four and five hours …

Gene Selznick: He Turned a Game Into a Sport

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LegacyYou might think of beach volleyball as something to pass the time while the burgers are grilling and the beer is getting cold in the ice chest. But competitive beach volleyball is anything but leisurely. To the contrary, it’s one of the most exciting, fast-paced sports imaginable. You’ve got two lithe, tan athletes in neon swimsuits and wrap-around sunglasses on either side, leaping and diving acrobatically in the sand to keep the ball flying back and forth across the net. …