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A Diet for a Stronger Body (and Mind) as You Age

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Brain Health | Bulletin TodayOnce again, the Mediterranean diet is winning out in the diet wars — this time for both physical and brain health. A large new study finds that women who follow a healthy diet during middle age have more than 40 percent greater odds of surviving past the age of 70 with no chronic illness, physical impairments or memory problems. In other words, the kind of spry old age we all hope to have. >> Sign up for the AARP Health …

Do Omega-3 Fatty Acids Really Bolster Aging Brains?

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Brain Health“Eat your fish — it’s brain food,” our mothers told us, and we repeat that mantra to our own children. For years we’ve heard that fish, especially fatty fish such as salmon, is good for our brain health. And many scientists identified omega-3 fatty acids as the substance in the fish that would help our math skills, keep us alert and preserve our brain health. That made sense because omega-3 fatty acids — which are also found in high levels in …

Fish Oils May Raise Men’s Risk of Prostate Cancer

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Bulletin Today | Personal HealthOmega-3 fish oils, found in supplements as well as fatty fish like salmon and sardines, have been touted for their health benefits, including protecting against heart disease. But a new study seems to turn that advice on its head for men: Researchers at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle have found that men with high blood levels of fish oils have an increased risk of aggressive prostate cancer. Men with the highest levels had a 71 percent increased risk …

Key to a Longer Life? Fatty Fish Twice Weekly

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Bulletin Today | Personal HealthOlder adults who regularly eat fish high in omega-3 fatty acids — primarily oily varieties like salmon, mackerel, albacore tuna and trout — may add years to their lives, as compared with those age 65-plus who don’t, new research finds. The fatty-fish eaters may also be able to reduce their chances of dying from heart disease by more than a third. The study of 2,700 adults age 65 or older found that those who had the highest blood levels of …

Omega-3 Supplements Can Slow Aging Process by Protecting DNA

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Bulletin Today | Personal HealthAdd this to the approximately 8 billion benefits of omega-3 fatty acids: They could help preserve DNA segments known as telomeres, whose degradation is a key marker of aging. Shorter telomeres are associated with age-related decline, cancer and a higher risk of death (in one study of people over 60, those with shorter telomeres were three times more likely to die from heart disease and eight times more likely to die from an infectious disease). But according to Ohio State University scientists, taking omega-3 fatty acid supplements (such as fish oil pills) can help lengthen telomeres in middle-aged and older adults.