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Dating Again: The Re-Entry Checklist

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RelationshipsI had the pleasure of talking to AARP members about being single and dating after 50 at their annual member event Life@50+ in New Orleans. Here are some of the key points from our discussion: When you want to date again, first consider the non-online possibilities: friends of friends, single events, hobby groups, places of worship, etc. Go to busy places to find a potential mate, such as airports, concerts, political groups, volunteering opportunities. Don’t be afraid to chat up people! …

6 Ways to Make Caregiving & Dating Go Together

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CaregivingIf you’re a caregiver who happens to be single (one-third of baby boomers are), there’s probably little time for romance. Nothing like having Mom or Dad to cramp your dating! When you have other responsibilities—that would be work, boomerang or younger kids, grandkids, your own life—the significant time investment of caregiving can wring out every bit of desire, you have. Who even has time to think about dating? But studies galore show that caregivers’ health often suffers. One way to …

Online Dating Doldrums? Find Yourself a Wingwoman

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RelationshipsQ: Dating older men can be disillusioning. Why are men on singles websites are disingenuous? The ones I’ve met seem to be so needy: They talk about past, failed relationships; some talk about weekend plans like playing golf (both days); some I’ve learned later are still married; and don’t forget about the one that has an old girlfriend living with him because she is indigent and he’s grown fond of her grandchildren. Don’t even ask me about the one that …

The Takeaway: Apps Make It Easy To Airbrush Profile Photos — But Should You?

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Bulletin TodayInexpensive apps for touching-up digital photos has made the kind of airbrushing artistry once reserved for celebrities available to the rest of us. Yes, we can now apply the same image altering techniques used on models and magazine covers to our own or LinkedIn profiles. But is it a good idea?

20 Dating Sites and No Bites! What Am I Doing Wrong?

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RelationshipsQ: For the past four years, I have been a member of 20 singles websites looking for love, dates, long-term relationships, etc., with no luck. I take all of the quizzes, submit photos and answer questions honestly, but still, nothing. No one will tell me why I am failing at this. Can you help? –CM Dr. Schwartz: My best advice is to get a close friend who you respect, preferably a man, and have him look at your profile, the …

Online Boyfriend Coming to Visit … Where Does He Sleep?

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RelationshipsQ: I’m 72 and met a man online, who lives many hours from me. We have been Skyping for three weeks and have had many good long talks. At the present time he’s at his daughter’s home babysitting for school vacation. He would like to come and visit in a few weeks, and I’m excited for this because I feel we have made a great connection. But I wonder: How we handle the sleeping situation? — KH Dr. Schwartz: Have …