Google Ads: Do You Want In or Out?

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Bulletin Today | TechnologyIf you use Facebook, you have seen how your friends’ photos and “Likes” can connect to ads on the popular social network. The “sponsored stories” concept is also moving to Google. The web search engine company recently announced it is changing its Terms of Service to include an option to participate in “shared endorsements.” Sign up for the AARP Money Matters newsletter According to Google, shared endorsements are an opportunity to share your thoughts and opinions with friends who are …

The Opt-Out Revolution: A Boomer Perspective

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Bulletin Today | Your LifeAs a “working mother” since the late 1980s, I’ve read — even written — countless stories over the years on challenges of trying to juggle kids and a career. Media attention to the topic always kicks up a conversation: From the mommy track and the mommy wars to opting out and leaning in, these articles have all wrestled with the same basic question: Is it really possible for women to  “have it all” — or at least a manageable balance? The …