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Kidney Sharing System May Change to Better Accommodate Older Patients

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Personal HealthBy Judith Graham for Kaiser Health News This story was produced in collaboration with The Washington Post.   Kidneys from deceased donors are carefully rationed under rules established by the nonprofit United Network for Organ Sharing, or UNOS. The system is set up so that kidneys go to people who have spent the longest time on waiting lists and who are a good match, with provisions made for distributing organs to patients within the same region, when possible. That method …

Dr. Joseph E. Murray: 3 Patients a Nobel Laureate Treated

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LegacyWhen we celebrate medical pioneers, we usually focus on the revolutionary breakthroughs that they achieve. It’s easy to forget that they’re not just innovative researchers but physicians as well, and that their calling isn’t just to win Nobel Prizes but also to help the flesh-and-blood human beings on their operating tables. Dr. Joseph E. Murray, a surgeon who performed the first successful organ transplant in 1954 and shared the 1990 Nobel Prize in Medicine with Dr. E. Donnall Thomas for discoveries …