How to Get ‘UnStuck’ As You Face 50+

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Beauty & FashionMany men and women 50 and older have spent decades being organized. We have been managing households, families, and lives. But, life after 50 is filled with all kinds of change — some planned, some not — that can make even the most organized of us feel like we’re glued to the floor. When you add in all the stuff we’ve accumulated over the years we can feel as if we’ll never get “unstuck” from where we are and move on. …

App Of The Week: Paper Piles Be Gone

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TechnologyDo you read articles on the Internet and want to clip them so you can review them in more depth later? Are you researching a new topic on the web and want to save that information without printing it? Do you like to have your files accessible to you when you’re on the move? Then you’re ready for the app called Evernote. Evernote allows you to save your ideas and to save things you read on the web, photos, pdfs …