Celebrate Strong Bones In May

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Beauty & FashionMay is National Osteoporosis Month — a good time to assess your risk of breaking a bone and figure out the best way for you to avoid osteoporosis down the road. According to the National Osteoporosis Foundation (NOF), where I am honored to serve as Bone Health Ambassador, 52 million Americans have osteoporosis. And thanks to population dynamics, the numbers rise each year: By 2020, half of all Americans over age 50 are expected to be affected. >> Sign up for …

Questions Raised About Some Health Screenings

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Bulletin Today | Personal HealthBy Jenny Gold, Correspondent, Kaiser Health News This KHN story was produced in collaboration with National Public Radio. Messiah United Methodist Church in Springfield, Va., is unusually busy for a Thursday morning. It’s not a typical time for worship, but parishioner Stacy Riggs and her husband have come for something a little different: a medical screening. “I’m getting ready to turn 50 sooner than I’d like to say, and just thought it was a good time to get an overall …

Balance Your Way to Fitness After 50

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Beauty & FashionAccording to the National Osteoporosis Foundation, we lose 1 percent of bone mass every year after 50. In fact, for some of us, especially women, bone loss can happen very quickly, causing us to lose up to 20 percent of our bone density during the five to seven years following menopause, paving the way for osteoporosis. And, having osteoporosis is the biggest risk factor for breaking a bone if we fall. >> Sign up for the AARP Health Newsletter The …

NEWS FLASH: Risk of Breaking Bones After 50 Is Bigger Than We Thought

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Beauty & FashionThere’s a silent and stealthy disease you may not even know you have …until you fall. A new study, “The 2010 Burden of Osteoporosis and Low Bone Mass among Residents of the U.S. Age 50 and Older,” released by the National Osteoporosis Foundation during its annual Interdisciplinary Symposium on Osteoporosis reveals that the prevalence of low bone density and the risk of breaking a bone are far greater among people over 50 than previously realized. The risk of breaking bones — a major …

Fight the Flab: Get the Arms You’ve Always Wanted (Even After 50!)

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Beauty & FashionAfter I turned 50, it dawned on me that I had been letting myself go, packing on the post-menopausal pounds and not doing any regular exercise. It’s not that I didn’t care, but simply too busy with work, family, friends, life,  to focus on . . . me. Sound familiar? Unsure of what steps to take, I did what so many of us do under these circumstances: nothing. When the weight gain was inching past 15 pounds and my arms …

The Takeaway: Genes And Education Play Large Part In How Brain Ages; Reasons To Delay Bone Density Retests

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Bulletin TodayLearning new things can increase your openness to experience as you age. And genetics, education and exercise all play a part in keeping the brain sharp. Plus: A new study recommends women whose bone density tests are normal at age 65 wait up to 15 years before having a second test.