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Holiday Shopping Already?

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Money & SavingsHave you started your holiday shopping? I have – only because my budgeting technique this year is to spread out my gift buying! There’s an interesting article on AdWeek’s Web site this morning called “Don’t Count on Grandma this Xmas” that cites an AARP Bulletin poll on spending this holiday season. The survey conducted among AARP members showed that 34% of those 50 and up expect to spend less on the holidays than they did last year – and only …

AARP News This Morning – November 12

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WorkA release from the Employee Benefits Research Institute today reports that paid sick leave was available to approximately two-thirds of Americans in March 2009. Specifically, 77 percent of full-time workers had access to paid sick leave, compared with 28 percent of part-time workers, and 90 percent of state and local government employees had access to paid sick leave. According to the Department of Labor’s Web site, “Generally, federal labor laws do not require employers to provide sick leave or pay …