Takeaway: Parents in the Wake of the Colorado Shooting

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Bulletin TodayThis is a guest post by AARP’s Mary C. Hickey. As a parent of young adult children, my thoughts immediately turned to all the heartbroken mothers and fathers of similarly aged kids left in the wake of Friday’s brutal shooting in Colorado: The parents who lost sons and daughters in the senseless tragedy, of course. But also the parents of James Holmes, the alleged shooter. How unspeakably awful it must be to realize that the child you raised is capable of such …

In One Word: Describe Your Mom

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Your LifeThe Challenge: Describe your mom in one word. The Result: A list of colorful (and some remorseful) adjectives that would even make the editors at Merriam-Webster proud. We asked, you responded via Facebook and Twitter. You sent us pictures and explained why your mom, madre, mama or BFF was/is ________. I’ve counted them all and here’s the Top 12: No. 12: Best Friend.  Many have such a close relationship with their moms that they consider them to be their best …

Do We Owe Other Generations?

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Your LifeMoney—who pays for what—in U.S families, is something not often discussed with others. Which is why I found the new MetLife study Multi-Generational Views on Family Financial Obligations a revealing peek inside others’  living rooms. Baby Boomers (ages 48-66 in 2012), Gen Xers (ages 36-47) and Gen Yers (ages 22–35 this year) were asked their attitudes about supporting either their adult children or their aging parents or grandparents. The online study of more than 2,000 ages 21-65 shows that all generations want to be …

The Takeaway: More Than Half Of Youngest Adults Living With Parents

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Bulletin TodayIt’s a story that’s been developing for several years now—more and more young adults are moving back home with their parents (or never leaving in the first place). Now the U.S. Census Bureau has data.

Six Rules to Parenting: It’s Not as Bad as You Think

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Your LifeThere are several questions that Sean and I get asked each and every time we speak. One question is how accurate was The Blind Side? Very; my three kids left the theater and in reference to Sandra Bullock’s performance said, “great there are two of them running around now.” My rhetorical question was, “Is there a problem with that?” The next question is, “What type of parenting skills did you use to raise three good kids? What was your plan?” …

Moms Prefer to Live with Daughters

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CaregivingA new national survey commissioned by Senior Helpers polled 335 people over age 55 found 68% of mothers say that, as they age, daughters will take better care of them than sons. Add to that the finding that 65% of mothers say their daughters are more likely to want them to join their households and there is no surprise that 70% of mothers with both a son(s) and a daughter(s) would rather move in with a daughter if they are …