Parkinson’s Disease

Weekend Checkup: Surprise Endings, Drug Mix-Ups, Neurologists and Parkinson’s

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Bulletin Today | Personal HealthGo Ahead. Read The Last Page First.  Spoiler alert! Oh wait, there’s really no need for spoiler alerts. That’s because psychologists have found that it doesn’t ruin a good story to know how it ends. In a recent study, researchers at the University of California, San Diego, had people read multiple versions of 12 classic short stories.  Some versions had a separate summary of the ending at the beginning, others had the spoiler worked into the opening paragraphs, and a …

Happy 50th Birthday, Michael J. Fox!

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EntertainmentThe other day, my father asked me what my favorite movie of all time was. Without hesitation, Back to the Future, I said. “But that’s three movies,” he told me. I shook my head. “No matter.” To me it was one magical joy ride of great lines, awesome effects (for the time) and lovely close-ups of Michael J. Fox. And today just happens to be Fox’s 50th Birthday. Happy Birthday to my very first childhood crush! As Marty McFly in …