Remember When Kids Went Outside to Play?

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Great PlacesGuest post by Dan Burden, Walkable and Livable Communities Institute: Close your eyes and think of one of your greatest moments in childhood. For me, one is falling through an ice-covered pond on a subzero day — then trekking two miles, climbing snow-laden fences, pant legs frozen above my knees, feet cold and numb, and my heart pounding with the wonder of discovery. That day I learned a new boundary, one I’d later break again and, as a result, learn even more. Stay …

Take Him Out to the Ball Game

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Your LifeJoe Price had just rolled back into town, looking weary but still possessing the excitable manner of a guy who might burst into song at any moment. He had just completed half a year on the road visiting 104 minor league baseball parks in 40 states, where he had sung America’s national anthem to start their games. It was a labor of love and academic duty. Price, who is 64, is a professor of religious studies at L.A.’s Whittier University, …

Other Earth-Friendly Days

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Home & Family | Money & SavingsDon’t get me wrong:  as a lifelong environmentalist, I think that Earth Day (April 22) serves an invaluable purpose both as a celebration of our wondrous planet and as an opportunity to draw attention to the many serious – literally “life threatening” – challenges facing our natural environment.  The only problem with Earth Day is that it’s a single day once a year, while our responsibility to the environment is 24/7, every day of the year. The good news is …