Same-Sex Couples Still Waiting for Equal Treatment

Posted on 04/8/2014 by |Senior Editor, Money Team | Comments

Bulletin Today | Money & SavingsThe U.S. Supreme Court ruled the law that prevented same-sex spouses from enjoying federal benefits was unconstitutional nearly a year ago, yet the financial repercussions for these couples are still being worked through. Federal agencies have been updating their regulations to comply, and some have moved faster than others. And even among agencies that have acted, how they handle same-sex marriage differs. The IRS, for instance, says same-sex spouses now must file federal returns as joint filers or as married …

What’s the Secret to a Happy, Long-Term Marriage?

Posted on 01/27/2014 by |Sex & Relationships | Comments

RelationshipsWhat does it take to keep a marriage happy, vibrant and enduring? I’m asked that question all the time. And while I think couples all have their own unique recipes for success, I’ve noticed that most include these five essential ingredients: 1. The ability to apologize  Every person in every marriage makes mistakes. Some big, some small, but always some you wish you could un-do. That’s only human, but happy couples admit to their mistakes — and apologize. Just as important is …