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11 Things We Didn’t Know Last Week

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11 ThingsNews, discoveries and fun …   1. Dolphins are 10 times stronger than the fittest humans. (Learn more at Discovery) 2. A spandex suit that combats slipped disks in astronauts might also help people on Earth with lower-back problems. (Learn more at Mashable) (hat tip to Mike Kulick) 3. One percent of the world’s population controls half the wealth. (Learn more at NPR) 4. The Peace Corp’s oldest volunteer, 80, is winding up her assignment in South Africa. (Learn more at AARP) …

She Joined the Peace Corps … at Age 78

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Bulletin Today | Your LifeWhenever Vivian Davis feels like doing something, she does it. So when she felt like joining the Peace Corps, she did – at age 78. Now 80, Davis is the Peace Corps’ oldest active volunteer. But not for long. She’s winding up a two-year assignment in Vaalbank, South Africa, a small, rural village 50 miles north of Pretoria. Davis has helped to raise HIV/AIDS awareness – distributing condoms, holding meetings about mother-to-child transmission of the virus, organizing data systems and …

A Peace Corps Volunteer Remembers

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Your Lifeby Tom Stachelek I was a 19-year-old Peace Corps Volunteer working in the village of  Tarata, Cochabamba, Bolivia the day of the president’s death. I was listening to Voice of America news on short wave radio after eating lunch. I heard the broadcaster refer to President Johnson and I thought that it was a strange mistake . When he said President Johnson for the second time I couldn’t believe it! >>Add your own thoughts and remembrances on our blog “JFK Memories.” …

Too Old to Answer JFK’s Call? Nonsense!

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VolunteeringJust before 2:00am on a chilly October night thousands of students at the University of Michigan became part of history as the 43-year-old presidential candidate stood on the steps of the Michigan Union and asked if they would embark on a journey that would take them potentially half way around the world to give assistance to underdeveloped nations and their people. John F. Kennedy was of course introducing his new international service organization that would later become the Peace Corps. …

Fly and Do Good: Volunteer Challenge Week 3

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VolunteeringA few years ago a friend of mine went to Guatemala on a volunteer mission with the Peace Corps. She sent regular updates (when she could get email access), introducing us to the village children, the friends she made, the Biblical rains, lack of plumbing and arresting views she had from her humble block-and-tin home. She reported that she loved every minute of it and wouldn’t trade the experience for anything. That’s a common refrain among Peace Corps workers – …

News To Know: More Americans Turn To Non-Profits

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Home & FamilyApplications to work for non-profits such as the Peace Corp have seen a dramatic rise in the last year.