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Tips & Tough Love for Tough Times from the Money Coach

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Money & SavingsPersonal finance expert Lynette Khalfani-Cox, a.k.a. The Money Coach, says living within your means is the best thing you can do to be financially secure. But if it’s so simple, why is it so hard? For one thing, the economy isn’t helping. Downsizing–the first of what Khalfani-Cox calls names as the 5 Ds–is all too common these days…especially if you’re over 50. Divorce, Disease, Disability and Death of a breadwinner also can be devastating. Some things are out of our control, …

Debt: This Time, It’s Personal

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Money & SavingsThe national debt ceiling deadline continues to dominate headlines as August 2 nears, but a recent Associated Press-GfK poll highlights debt stress of a different kind. It revealed that more than half of Americans have money worries about what they owe to creditors. Anyone else notice that debt is a four-letter word? Debt causes worry and anxiety. Debt can lead to arguments with your other half. Debt can cause relationship and family stress. If you’re single, you generally have no one but yourself to …

99 Ways to Save!

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Money & SavingsEveryone is trying to save money anywhere they can these days, while still doing all the things they love, like traveling and indulging in your favorite foods and restaurants. (I personally can’t wait for the coupon section each Sunday!) AARP Bulletin has a great list of 99 Great Ways to Save – with tips that you might not have thought of on your own! Check them out…and here is a sampling of a few good ones: Saving on Fuel: For …

Investment Fraud 101

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Money & SavingsThe economic crisis has not only left financial investments very complicated, but has also left ample opportunities for scam artists. The most recent Inside E Street episode talks to experts about how consumers can protect themselves from dangerous situations arising when investing. Make sure to check it out.

Personal Finance News this Veterans Day

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Money & SavingsYesterday, AARP’s Director of Financial Security, Jean Stetzfand, was featured in a segment NPR’s “Tell Me More” program. Stetzfand is discussing the issue of older workers and unemployment – a topic that is gaining more and more exposure in the media recently, and obviously one that is important to AARP and its members. Read the transcript or listen to the segment here. Stetzfand discusses the fact that workers over age 55 spend more time looking for work, possibly because employers …

AARP Helping Young Adults With Personal Finances

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Money & SavingsWe received a clarion call a few years ago when we discovered that 69% of our members were still providing some level of financial support to their adult children. We realized that we had both an obligation and an opportunity to get more involved and help young adults (aged 18-34 years) understand the role that money plays throughout every stage of their lives. With that said, we have two very important developments on this front: This morning, we issued a …