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Why Your Dog Wants to Move to Montana

Posted on 05/17/2013 by |Who's News | Comments

Bulletin TodayMany of us who have dogs or cats tend to think of them almost as family members, which is one reason that Americans happily spent $53 billion last year on food, veterinary care,  chew toys and myriad accessories (such as sporty camouflage-colored harnesses for Chihauhuas). And at one time or another, we’ve all probably wondered what Princess or Fido is thinking when they stare at us with those big soulful eyes.  But now, thanks to a new survey on the state …

Think Your Doctor Bills Are High? Check Your Pooch’s

Posted on 11/3/2011 by |Personal Health and Well-being | Comments

Bulletin Today | Home & FamilyThey may be man’s (and  woman’s) best friends, but  their health care expenses are soaring right along with ours. Over the last 10 years, pet care bills have climbed steadily higher at almost the same rate as human health-care costs. According to the American Pet Products Association, total pet-related expenditures by the end of 2011 are expected to top $50 billion — half of that for vet care and over-the-counter medicine and supplies — compared to $48 billion last year …