How a Toy Puppy Brightens a Fading Past

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Your LifeI began hearing the dog’s squeaky bark after a few days of being transferred from West Hills Hospital to the nearby Topanga Terrace complex for physical therapy. I was to undergo a healing program after a bout with pneumonia and other potentially fatal problems. It was a faint yap that emerged out of the dim shadows down the hall at about 2 in the otherwise muted sounds of a quiet morning.  The slightest noise awakens me, especially unexpected disturbances, and …

Who Knows All, Sees All, (and Now) Tells All? Your Dog

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Bulletin Today | Personal HealthResearchers at Newcastle University in England are onto something big: Your dog may know lots more about how you’re feeling — and about how you’re doing generally — that anyone has heretofore believed. Except maybe you. Using high-tech movement sensors, the researchers tracked the behavior of 17 types of canine companions — from mutts and miniature Jack Russell Terriers to Labrador Retrievers and Great Danes — both at home and out and about. They did this by attaching “a wearable …

Think Your Doctor Bills Are High? Check Your Pooch’s

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Bulletin Today | Home & FamilyThey may be man’s (and  woman’s) best friends, but  their health care expenses are soaring right along with ours. Over the last 10 years, pet care bills have climbed steadily higher at almost the same rate as human health-care costs. According to the American Pet Products Association, total pet-related expenditures by the end of 2011 are expected to top $50 billion — half of that for vet care and over-the-counter medicine and supplies — compared to $48 billion last year …