FDA to Pet-Treat Maker: Recall Products or Else

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Bulletin Today | Personal HealthWe’ve warned you once, twice — now it’s time to “voluntarily” pull those tainted products before we make you do it, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) told a pet-treat maker last week. The federal agency was using its new power to demand mandatory recalls of contaminated food products. The threat was aimed at Kasel Associated Industries, which subsequently pulled all pet treats manufactured at its Colorado facility from April 20, 2012, through Sept. 19, 2012, because the products …

Do I need a new BFF?

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Your LifeThis is the first in a series of posts from AARP’s Senior Vice President of Research & Strategic Analysis, Becky Gillan.  So the other day I was talking to my sister, and as usual, the conversation gravitated to her two Westies: Maddie and Miss Daisy. She starts to tell me that they have just gotten back from getting their portraits taken and . . . hold on. “Portraits of what?!?” I ask. Seems she is no longer content to have …

Need Help Getting Fit After 50? Adopt a Dog!

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Beauty & FashionWe all need to move our bodies every day. Period. Running, walking, spinning, biking, Zumba … whatever your choice is, just get out and do it. You’ll keep your weight down and maintain your health-check numbers where they need to be.  Plus, it just feels good. But sometimes we need that little extra reason to get us out there. While writing “The Best of Everything After 50: The Experts’ Guide to Style, Sex, Health, Money and More,” I was insisting …

Look Before You Lock: Children and Pets in Hot Cars

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Personal HealthOn June 29, we broke a record in Washington, D.C.: 104 degrees Fahrenheit—3 degrees warmer than the high set almost 80 years ago. In fact, the first six months in 2012 have been the hottest in the mainland U.S. since temperature records began in 1895. While extreme heat can contribute to a variety of health issues for people of all ages, for children and pets, the danger is amplified in cars. Heatstroke is the leading cause of non-crash, vehicle related …

Hypoallergenic Dogs? No Such Thing, Study Says

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Bulletin Today | Personal HealthThis could be bad news for Bo, the Obamas’ supposedly hypoallergenic Portuguese Water Dog: A new study says it’s a myth that certain dog breeds are less likely to aggravate allergies. The research, published last week in the Journal of Allergy Clinical Immunology, finds that there is “no evidence for the classification of certain dog breeds as being “hypoallergenic,” Dutch researchers wrote. In fact, as Reuters reports, scientists found that “hypoallergenic” canines had more allergy-causing protein in their fur than …

The Takeaway: Keeping Your Estate Up to Date

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Bulletin TodayIf you have children, you’ve probably thought about who would care for them should something happen to you. But have you thought of who might care for aging parents? Today’s society demands “new considerations” when it comes to estate planning, says the BMO Retirement Institute. The group’s new report, “Estate planning in the 21st century: New considerations in a changing society,” instructs Americans to review estate plans to factor in parents, pets and technology.