The Secret Millionaire Twins

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LegacyKathleen and Robert Magowan of Simsbury, Conn., never attracted much attention during their lifetimes. The twin siblings, born in New York, lived for a time in Bolivia and Alaska — their father was an explosives manufacturing executive — before settling in Connecticut in 1942. Neither Kathleen, an elementary schoolteacher, nor Robert, who served in the military in World War II and then became an agent for Prudential insurance, ever married. In later years they lived together as near recluses in a …

Legacy: Waldemar Klasing’s Million-Dollar Surprise

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LegacyWhen we think of philanthropy, it’s usually as something that high-profile corporate moguls do with the spare millions (or billions) that they don’t spend on mansions, yachts and private jets. We tend to overlook another, less common but even more inspiring category of givers: ordinary middle-class or working-class wage-earners who quietly amass sizable fortunes by practicing extreme frugality, and then, after their passing, shock some college or charitable cause with a seven-figure bequest. In Tennessee, for example, folks are probably …