IRS Watchdog: Impostor Phone Scam Largest Ever

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Bulletin Today | Money & SavingsFrom its infancy several months ago, this was no typical telephone scam “phishing” for personal information. These crooks, posing as IRS agents, already had some of it — including the last four digits of the Social Security number of those whom they called. And perhaps that explains, at least in part, why it’s since grown to become the “the largest scam of its kind we have ever seen,” the IRS inspector general said Thursday. At least 20,000 taxpayers have been contacted …

Jury Duty Scam Returns… Again

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Bulletin Today | Money & SavingsSome folks make all kinds of claims to get out of jury duty. But don’t believe a phone call claiming you’re about to be arrested for ignoring your civic duty – especially if you never received a jury summons. The jury duty scam is back. In recent weeks, this recurring ruse – first seen in Scam Alert in 2006 – has resurfaced across the U.S., prompting warnings by scores of officials and at least one federal judge. In the latest wave …

Steer Clear of These Common Parking Scams

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Bulletin Today | Money & SavingsIt can be a tough road maneuvering around scams. And it doesn’t get any easier when you’re just parking. Consider these six ploys: Movie violations. Crooks wait in movie theater parking lots and after you go inside, they break into your car — specifically to glean your address from the vehicle registration and then go burglarize your home with a two-hour window of opportunity. Keep your vehicle registration, as well as your GPS and other valuables, in a locked glove …