Moving Beyond Loss in Words and Pictures

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Your LifeWhen Judith Fox’s husband died at 53, she found herself in an “alien world” of grief and shock. At only 50 years old, she didn’t know any other widows and had no idea how to process the loss. Fast forward three years, and Fox was lucky enough to find love again. Three years after that, her second husband was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. An award-winning photographer and writer, Fox transformed these difficult experiences into inspiration for her books. Her latest, One …

Putting a New Face on Alzheimer’s

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CaregivingWhen Cathy Greenblat was in her 20s, her grandmother and grandfather had Alzheimer’s. “I bought society’s message that nothing could be done but keep them safe,” she says. Years later, when Greenblat’s mother developed the disease, she realized that lots more could be done. The former Rutgers University sociology professor began to see Alzheimer’s through a different lens — her camera — when her mother was in a memory care facility. Greenblat saw quality care in a place brimming with …

Catch Up On the Olympics With a Few Apps

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TechnologyHey, Olympics fans. Not around a TV? NBC isn’t broadcasting live? Have I found an app for you: the Reuters Olympics app. I’ve tried all of the apps made for the Olympics. This one outshines the others—by far.  It is full of the best live photos and magic moments captured by the Reuters photographers. I prefer using this on my iPad rather than on my smartphone because it is a bit easier to navigate and the picture resolution  is so …

The Takeaway: Love, Joy and Alzheimer’s On Display in New Portraits

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Bulletin TodayToo many pictures of Alzheimer’s patients present dim nursing home hallways or grim hospital corridors, lives of isolation and unwitting apathy. Cathy Greenblat aims to show another, brighter side of the disease, in her new book, Love, Loss and Laughter: Seeing Alzheimer’s Differently, and accompanying photo exhibition in New York.

Do you take pictures to remember?

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Personal HealthTwo recent photography essays have delved deeply into that most ephemeral yet integral part of ourselves: our memories. One of these, from the clever vision of Tom Hussey, is a moving set of portraits of people reguarding their youngselves in their reflection. As an essay, it hits deeply at something we do everyday. It also allows us to discuss with ourselves how we look at ourselves in the mirror. Each reflected image incorporates an element of the person as they …