Phyllis Diller

Not Your Everyday Grandma: A Toddler’s Memory of Phyllis Diller

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LegacyThis is a guest post by California-based writer Betsy Towner is a regular contributor to AARP Bulletin. Paul’s grandma wasn’t like ours. Whereas the other grandmothers of my first four years left impressions of intensified mothering—cozier, calmer, softer than Mommy—my neighbor Paul’s was an assault on the senses. A grand assault, mind you: Phyllis Diller would burst on the scene in a storm cloud of sparkle and shine, loudness and laughter. I watched her with equal parts fascination and intimidation …

Phyllis Diller: A Life Reimagined

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LegacyPhyllis Diller was 37 when she did her first comedy gig. But despite her late start, when Diller died on Aug. 20 at age 95, she’d nevertheless enjoyed one of the longest uninterrupted careers in show biz history. She became famous as a brassy, bombastic loud mouth. At first, though, Diller wasn’t at all sure she should even try standing up in front of an audience. “I was on the diving board, but someone had to put a foot in …