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Storm Thorgerson: 5 Facts About the Iconic Album-Cover Designer

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LegacyGraphic designer Storm Thorgerson, who died on April 18 at age 69 in his native England, created something that just about every boomer who came of age in the 1970s had in his milk crate of record albums: that iconic image of light passing through a prism that graced the cover of Pink Floyd’s 1973 LP Dark Side of the Moon (see right). That cover alone would have justified science-fiction author Douglas Adams’ conclusion that Thorgerson was “the best album designer …

The Lost Music of Peter Sellers, Belafonte, and Tony Bennett

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EntertainmentFor me every day is record store day–on any given weekend, you’ll find me flipping through the dusty vinyl bins at a local used music store. But the really real genuine Record Store Day is the third Saturday each, sort of a consolation prize for those of us who’ve waited ’til the last minute to file our taxes. The idea behind Record Store Day is to celebrate America’s little independent music retailers; that is, any mom and pop stores that …