Just How Strong Did Finish?

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Bulletin TodayBy Phil Galewitz, Senior Correspondent, Kaiser Health News Obama administration officials predict that health insurance premiums will be stable next year despite concerns that not enough young and healthy people signed up through the online insurance exchanges. “The risk pool is fundamentally large and varied to support that kind of pricing … in every state,” said Mike Hash, the director of the Health and Human Services Department’s office of health reform. “We believe … premiums will be stable.” The upbeat …

Comparing New Health Insurance Plans Made Easy

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Bulletin Today | PoliticsCall it lite. HealthSherpa, the new website’s real name, helps you sort through plans offered by the health insurance marketplace. You can’t actually purchase a plan on HealthSherpa, but as its name suggests, it can be a helpful guide. You simply answer a few key questions — your zip code, whether you smoke, what level of coverage you want — and boom, HealthSherpa delivers an important service that the website for the Affordable Care Act has infamously failed at. …

In Life, It’s Good to Have a Plan B

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Your LifeWhen life doesn’t go according to plan what do you do? Do you have a plan b, an alternate route to take? This week Sean and I mapped out the fall schedule, every weekend from now until Jan 1st! Michael’s Ravens games are every Sunday, with a few exceptions, SJ has football games on Friday night and then his basketball season starts first of November. Collins coaches an inner city cheerleading squad and she attends their games on Friday nights - we …