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Cher’s Longevity Secret

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Bulletin Today | EntertainmentBy Nicole Evatt of The Associated Press Cher is no stranger to tabloid fodder. The 67-year-old singer who has spent most of her life in the spotlight offered this advice to young artists on navigating the world of paparazzi attention: “You’re screwed. That’s my advice.” “You don’t deal with it. You just try to get a place where no one can find you and that’s your little sanctuary,” continued the “Believe” singer in an interview Tuesday. “I have a fabulous …

Earl Carroll: 5 Facts About the Cadillacs’ Lead Singer

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LegacyBack in the mid-1950s, if  you walked down the street in just about any urban neighborhood, you might have encountered at least one group of young men sitting on a stoop, harmonizing as they belted out some ode to the joys of romance or the heartbreak that resulted when it went wrong. It was called doo-wop, and everyone who tried it dreamed of being as good as the Cadillacs. The Harlem quintet could not only handle the high and low notes …