Digging Deeper on Changes to the Social Security COLA

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PoliticsNo one with any common sense wants to see our politicians take us over the fiscal cliff. And I think most people with common sense also realize that Social Security, and the tougher issue of Medicare, are worth thoughtful debate and discussion so these vital programs can be put on stronger footing for future generations. However, when budget cutters take aim at today’s Social Security recipients, it’s time to ask questions and dig deeper into the fine print. A proposal …

Caring for the Poor and Disadvantaged – an Act of Kindness

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VolunteeringCarlos Slim, the richest man in the world, was recently quoted as saying “We have seen donations for a hundred years … and the problems and poverty are bigger. They have not solved anything.”  I’m perplexed by this statement. If you are a type A personality (like I am), you may think to yourself that Slim may be right.  Though global poverty has decreased over the last five years, according to a Brookings Institute study, the number of fragile states is …

Visiting Southeast Asia to Seek Solutions to Isolation

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VolunteeringThis is a guest post by Beth Casey. Beth is a program manager for AARP Foundation’s Isolation Impact Area team, which works to combat and prevent isolation in people age 50 and over. The challenges of the developing world are not so different from those faced by Americans age 50 and over, particularly the low-income segment of the 50+. Throughout the world, older adults struggle to live their lives with dignity and purpose – to continue to put food on …

Poverty More Likely As Adults Age

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Bulletin Today | Money & SavingsOur fears about outliving our savings could become a reality if we live long enough. According to a new report,  about 11 percent of adults older than 65 lived in poverty in 2009, the latest year studied. But by age 85 and up, that figure rose to nearly 15 percent. Getting by on the bare minimum proved to be a greater struggle for those ages 50 to 64 as well. Poverty rates rose to more than 12 percent in 2009 from just under …

AARP to Legislators: Think Before You Cut

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Your LifeHey blog readers – Jenn here from the communications team. This week I caught up with our staffer David Vinkler down in our Springfield office. He’s our expert on all things related to the state budget as well as home and community based services in Illinois.  He’s pretty much buried right now – analyzing where that elusive $2.8 billion (yeah that’s right, BILLION) in proposed cuts might come from in order for legislators to balance the  state budget by May 31st. …

The Takeaway: Appalachia’s Rapidly Rising Aging Population

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Bulletin Today Like almost everywhere else, the number of older adults is increasing in Appalachia. Meanwhile—like almost everywhere else—government services and aid are dwindling in the face of budget cuts and a rough economy.