Poverty: Be A Part of the Solution

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Your LifeShock, disbelief, fear, guilt, and empathy…you ask what is she talking about now. Those are the emotions that went through me as I sat this week in the Chicago airport mindlessly gazing up at the TV waiting for my delayed flight to board. CNN had just reported the poverty level has risen to 16% in this country. I certainly don’t think that CNN is an authority on anything so that percentage could vary a bit in either direction, but however …

Enriching Others, Enriching Yourself

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VolunteeringI was in Rio de Janeiro last month and went into one of the city’s favelas, slums known primarily as vast zones of poverty, drug dealing and subsistence living. I went into the Vidigal favela on my own – not on the guided tours that typically bring tourists into the slums – because I’d heard of an unusual new guest house where tourists volunteer to help kids in the community.

Making It Happen

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Your LifeIt’s hard to look suffering in the face. There is nothing pretty, nice or pleasant about it. In a world that tells us image is everything, we try and make life appear as picturesque as possible, yet the realities are unavoidable. Simply turn on the news. As a nation we have recently witnessed earthquakes, hurricanes and a 15 % poverty rate. There are orphans in every city, as well as hunger in every community.  With each passing day things seem …

The Takeaway: The Price of Dementia, Your Brain on B Vitamins, Poverty in the U.S.

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Bulletin TodayIf dementia were a country, its economy would rank No. 18 in the world, according to a new report from Alzheimer’s Disease International. And nearly three-quarters of people living with dementia have not been diagnosed. The tragedy of this is that early interventions can slow brain deterioration, but many are missing out. But there have actually been some exciting discoveries in the world of early Alzheimer’s interventions announced this week.

Older Adults Have The Highest Poverty Rate

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Home & FamilyBettman/Corbis In a new report released today from the AARP Public Policy Institute finds that under the experimental poverty measure, older Americans have the highest rates of poverty among three key age groups. Get this: the report even understates the number of older Americans in poverty, because the current official poverty measure, does not take into account the higher health care expenditures of people over 65. The report shows us that the current official poverty measure is leaving nearly half …