Powerball Scam: ‘Unclaimed’ Prize Claims Casing You for Future Fraud

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Bulletin Today | Money & SavingsJust as sweepstakes scam season kicks off — these prize lies tend proliferate in spring through summer — fraudsters have conceived a clever new con. In random telephone calls, crooks claim there are “unclaimed” Powerball prizes that you can win by picking random numbers. Do that, officials say, and you may get a follow-up phone call alleging that your numbers won a lower-level prize of a new car and/or a boatload of cash. But know this: “They seem to be ‘casing’ the consumers …

A Four-Time Lottery Winner Reveals His Secret

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Bulletin TodayWho you gonna call for luck as tonight’s $360 million Powerball drawing approaches? (Update: the jackpot has grown to $550 million in advance of the drawing May 18 – it’s now the third largest in history.) Well, if you want someone to blow on your ticket, you could do worse than to find retired postal worker Melvyn Wilson, a four-time winner of Virginia’s scratch-off lottery games. “Mr. Lucky,” as Wilson, 72, has come to be known, just won $500,000 in …