A Debate on Our Issues? I’ll Drink to That!

As a lifelong political junkie, I’m looking forward to next week’s presidential debates like a sports fan looks forward to a playoff game. Now that I’m in my 50s, watching the televised debates won’t be quite the party occasion that it might have been 30-odd years ago, when friends and I would liven things up by taking a swig of beer every time one of the candidates mentioned the word “jobs” or “taxes.” Still, it should be fun to see …

News To Know: Just Your Average…Plumber?

After last night's debate, many were left wanting to know more about the candidates and less about Joe the plumber.

Who Won The Presidential Debate Tonight?

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Don’t Forget To Tune In

Don’t forget that tonight Senators Obama and McCain will face-off in a townhall-style debate tonight! You can check your local listings for times and stations that will be carrying the event. Just like last week’s VP debate, we’ll be hosting another poll where you cast your vote for you think came out on top! Visit us immediately after the debate and tell us what you thought. Even though voting on the VP poll continues, here are the results as of …

Quick Note on Tonight’s Debate

As AARP does frequently, we surveyed some undecided voters and asked them where they stand right now with the candidates. The overwhelming majority (81%) of undecided voters say the debates will be important in deciding their vote, while most feel that they don't know enough about the candidates' economic and health care plans to decide yet.