3 Things to Do Today to Prevent Falls

The phone calls from my Dad have come all too often. “Amy, your mother has had a fall,”  he’d say. I’d slide out of bed into my shoes and race to my parents’ apartment, sometimes meeting the emergency squad when I arrived.  We’d spend hours in the emergency room, grateful every time she came home without any broken bones or a concussion. Each fall set her back, increasing pain and limiting her mobility.  That resulted in less strength, poor circulation …

The Takeaway: 1 In 10 Could Have Diabetes By 2030; The TV, Exercise and Depression Link

According to a new report released by International Diabetes Foundation, one in 10 adults worldwide””some 522 million people””could have diabetes by 2030. And a new study of thousands of older women in the United States found those who got the most exercise and watched the least television were the least likely to be diagnosed with depression.