Affluenza? Really?

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Bulletin TodayIf you haven’t been under a rock for the past few days, you’ve undoubtedly heard about the Texas drunk driving case in which a teenager from a wealthy family avoided prison time thanks to his “affluenza” defense. Lawyers for 16-year-old Ethan Couch found a psychologist to testify — as an expert witness – that his wealthy and contentious home life led him to believe that his reckless actions had no consequences. How his attitude differs from that of some kids I …

The Last Days of Whitey Bulger

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Bulletin TodayMurder. Bank robbery. Racketeering. Drug dealing. For more than 60 years, from 1956 to 2011, James “Whitey” Bulger was either committing violent crimes or living as a fugitive from justice. Now 83, Bulger has been convicted of 31 separate criminal acts, and today he sits in prison, awaiting sentencing. In all likelihood he’ll spend the rest of his life behind bars. Bulger will be far from the oldest person recently sentenced; for example, Brooke Astor’s son, Anthony Marshall, was recently …

Do you take pictures to remember?

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Personal HealthTwo recent photography essays have delved deeply into that most ephemeral yet integral part of ourselves: our memories. One of these, from the clever vision of Tom Hussey, is a moving set of portraits of people reguarding their youngselves in their reflection. As an essay, it hits deeply at something we do everyday. It also allows us to discuss with ourselves how we look at ourselves in the mirror. Each reflected image incorporates an element of the person as they …