Why We Brag About Our Children

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RelationshipsMy mother was so proud of her adult children that even an offhanded “How’s the family?” launched her into a detailed accounting. My little sister repeatedly listened to this litany and threatened to print a brochure on the family. “Mom could just hand them out and save time,” she joked. The “brochure” of the 21st century is Facebook and email, where many parents share — okay, brag — about their children’s achievements. Not that bragging in cyberspace stops us in …

Bright Light Makes Emotions Hotter

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Personal HealthBy Don Campbell, University of Toronto, The next time you want to turn down the emotional intensity before making an important decision, you may want to dim the lights first. A new study shows that human emotions, whether they are positive or negative, are felt more intensely under bright lights. “Other evidence shows that on sunny days people are more optimistic about the stock market, report higher well-being, and are more helpful while extended exposure to dark, gloomy days …

Aging and Optimistic? It’s More Common (and Warranted) Than You May Think

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Bulletin TodayOptimism among the aged may be more common than you think. By “you,” I mean the proverbial you, of course — you in particular might have no doubt that life doesn’t stop being a bowl of cherries at 65. Based on what frequently runs in the media, however, anyone could be forgiven for thinking older Americans are all just downright miserable. So what a surprising change of pace this “United States of Aging” survey turned out to be.

No Country for Cold Men

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RelationshipsQ: My husband, who is from a country in Africa, travels there often for business. He has permanent United States resident status. But when he was suppose to come home for Christmas last year he sent an e-mail stating that while he appreciated the time we have spent together, four and a half years of marriage, he was “discontinuing this relationship.” He never answered my phone calls or replied to my e-mails. And he did this while his mother was visiting …

Depressed? Help Could Be A Phone Call Away

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Bulletin Today | Personal HealthTalking with a therapist on the phone may be more helpful for depressed patients than coming to a therapist’s office. That’s the finding of a new Northwestern University medical school study that found that patients with depression who got therapy over the phone were more likely to complete 18 weeks of treatment than those who had face-to-face sessions. “Now therapists can make house calls,” said study author David Mohr, M.D., professor of preventive medicine at Northwestern’s Feinberg School of Medicine. …

The Takeaway: Saving for Retirement? Why Not to Think Big Picture

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Bulletin TodayWhen it comes to saving enough for retirement, it’s important to keep the big picture in mind, right? Wrong, say researchers from Boston College’s Center for Retirement Research; the href=”,0,1799363.story”>best strategy is to think in small, concrete steps.