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Active Living for All Ages: Creating Neighborhoods Around Transit

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Public Policy Institute“You can take the girl out of the city, but you can’t take the city out of the girl,” says Lila Sanger, who grew up in New York City and found her perfect retirement home in the Jefferson, an independent living condo complex in one of Arlington, Virginia’s dense urban neighborhoods near Metro. “I chose the Jefferson for two reasons: the location, and the location.” The extensive county transit network provides almost door-to-door service to Lila’s local haunts, such as …

10 Principles for Creating Age-Friendly Communities

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Great PlacesBy Jana Lynott & Rodney Harrell What makes a community age-friendly? This question faces communities across the nation as the baby boomers age and the older population grows. Communities need to prepare now or they will find themselves struggling to catch up. Age-friendly communities treat all residents and visitors with respect, regardless of age, income or physical ability. They keep individuals socially connected and engaged in community life and they enhance opportunities to be healthy and active. These are communities …