Tommy Ramone: Last of the Punk-Rock Pioneers

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Bulletin Today | EntertainmentBoomers growing up in the mid- to late 1970s may have felt bored and alienated by the classic rock that their older brothers and sisters listened to. That’s why so many of us were especially excited about a band called the Ramones, who were pretty much the opposite of the handsome stadium-rock gods who dominated the airwaves with their synthesizer bombast and 10-minute guitar solos. With their misshapen hair, torn jeans, cheap sneakers and biker jackets, the Ramones looked like …

Fashion Exhibits to See This Summer

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Beauty & FashionWant to get a fashion fix without spending a ton of money?  Take a minute, play tourist and check out these cultural institutions for a little apparel and accessory therapy.  Museums across the country are open, some with adjusted summer hours and senior discounts, waiting for you — yes, you the fashionable one — to visit. ATLANTA Gogo: Nature Transformed (through Aug. 25, 2013) High Museum of Art, www.high.org • Inspired by natural and found objects (bone, shells, seaweed), Janet …