IRS: Someone Will Be With You … Sometime Today

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Money & SavingsHello, IRS? Is anyone there? That’s what you might be asking if you call the IRS with questions about your 2013 tax return. The agency says today starts one of the busiest weeks of the tax filing season for the IRS phone lines. So make yourself comfortable and settle in. You’re likely to be on hold longer than the 17.6 minutes customers waited last year to speak with someone. You think that’s bad? Some 20 million people, or 39 percent …

Older Job Seekers Fear Being Seen as Overqualified

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Bulletin Today | WorkSnagging a job interview is a good thing, right? Well, yes, and for most people, it’s about as nerve-wracking as delivering a speech to a packed audience. A new poll finds that a job interview is a stressful ordeal for most of the 1,002 working adults surveyed. Having the jitters, of course, was a common complaint. For older workers, there was something else to worry about:  one in five people ages 54 to 65 say they worry that they’ll be considered …

A Visit to the Doctor

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Personal HealthThe following is a guest post from William J. Hall, MD, AARP Board Member . Bill Hall is a geriatrician with a special interest in strategies for successful aging. Let’s talk about rights. After decades of doing this, I think that far and away the most common concerns I hear relate to the quality of the personal interaction between you the patient and your physician or other health care providers. Everybody seems rushed. There are often questions that you want to …