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Trails Are for Recreation and Transportation!

Posted on 11/7/2013 by |AARP Education & Outreach | Comments

Great PlacesWhen people use trails for recreation, exercise or transportation, they improve their health by lowering their risk for heart and weight-related problems. Regular walking or bicycling also has been shown to be very beneficial to mental health, reducing stress and combating depression. Many of the trips Americans take are very short. More than a quarter of trips are within a 20-minute walk and half are within a 20-minute bicycle ride. Often the barrier to walking or bicycling is not distance, …

Safe Routes for Everywhere

Posted on 10/10/2013 by |AARP Education & Outreach | Comments

Great PlacesEarlier posts in this series focused on how cities and suburbs can use biking, walking and other forms of active transportation to help older residents stay in their homes. But what about older adults who live in smaller, more sparsely populated communities? AARP and the Partnership for Active Transportation advocate for “Safe Routes to Everywhere” — safe and pleasant places for Americans to walk and bike that connect people to their communities and common destinations. In rural areas this can be …