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Fight the Frump! Finding Your Perfect Pair of “Readers”

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Beauty & FashionWho said reading glasses had to be frumpy? Since entering my 50′s, I’ve had to keep a 6x magnifying mirror adhered to my bathroom mirror so I don’t end up putting mascara on my lips. Presbyopia (an age-related condition whereby eyes have trouble focusing on objects that are close) is a natural byproduct of getting older, and I have it in spades. According to the Vision Council, the leading trade organization representing the optical industry, an estimated 90 million people …

Reading This On A Computer? The Glasses You May Need

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Bulletin Today | Personal HealthFor those of us spending more and more time gazing at a computer screen, it’s proving to be –literally — a pain in the neck. And in the head. And the eyes. The symptoms of eye strain — blurred vision, neck and shoulder pain, headaches, dry eyes — affect up to 90 percent of workers who spend hours a day peering at a computer, says the American Optometric Association. For older adults, in particular, the problems are compounded by presbyopia (the …

Reading Specs – So Hot Right Now

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Personal HealthRumor has it, you gents have a hard time admitting you need a little help here and there. That’s right, your spouses have been talking. First, it was not needing to stop for directions, or following that Ikea how-to manual (which, let’s be honest, aren’t that helpful anyway). Now, you’re swearing you don’t need reading glasses, even though you have to telescope that menu back and forth so many times to read it, your server thinks you’re waving her down. …