A Simple Income Disclosure Makes Retirement Planning Easier

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Public Policy InstituteHow much in retirement savings do I need for a secure retirement? Is $100,000 enough? How about $700,000? Even more importantly, how much monthly income can I count on those savings providing to supplement my Social Security benefits?  These are questions most of us have no idea how to answer.   A soon-to-be-proposed regulation from the Department of Labor should help. It would require that statements from 401(k)-type accounts provide an estimate of monthly retirement income from savings in the …

‘Life and Death in Assisted Living’ — Investigative Project Premieres

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Bulletin Today | CaregivingIf you have a loved one in assisted living — or see that possibility on the horizon — this week brings some essential TV viewing and reading. “Life and Death in Assisted Living” is an investigative journalism project with several public faces: a powerful television documentary (premiering July 30 on the PBS series Frontline); a four-part, deeply reported web presentation (starting July 29 at; and an online chat with correspondent A.C. Thompson and two of the documentary’s subjects on …