Calories on Menus: Boomers, Women Are Paying Attention

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Bulletin Today | Personal HealthWho pays attention to calorie counts on menus? By next year, all large chain restaurants will be required to post those harsh numbers, so the Gallup research people decided to find out who really takes note of them. In a survey conducted last month of 2,027 American adults, they found that only 43 percent  pay “a great deal” or a “fair amount” of attention. In fact, more Americans — 68 percent — look at nutritional information on food packages than …

Farewell to the Colonel?

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Bulletin TodayIt’s a bit unsettling to note the possible demise of yet another familiar face that boomers grew up with. And it doesn’t make it any easier that he’s actually been dead for more than 30 years. The Louisville (Ky.) Courier-Journal and other news outlets report that KFC, the fast-food chain formerly known as Kentucky Fried Chicken, is launching a restaurant that doesn’t feature its venerable founder, Colonel Harland Sanders. The convivial southern gentleman with the frosty goatee, clad in his trademark white …

Will Fast Food Save the World?

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Your LifeI once took it as a personal affront for anyone to suggest that I chow down at a fast food eatery. I do not necessarily dine at five-star restaurants every night but never would I lower my cultural standing by being seen at a place that serves fat-soaked burgers and French fries deep-fried in pig lard or whatever. But I think I may be changing my mind. My U-turn is based on an article by Bruce Watson in a newspaper …

Boomers Turn the Tables in the Restaurant Industry

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Bulletin TodayIn the restaurant business, the conventional wisdom used to be that attracting young adults was the surest road to profit, because people invariably tended to dine out less as they got older. But boomers, an iconoclastic generation that’s refuted so many other age stereotypes, are upending the old equation. A recent study by NPD Group shows that visits to commercial food establishments — both restaurants and “snack” establishments such as coffee shops — by customers 65 and older have grown nearly …

Dining Out On A Diet: How To Save Calories, Money

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Bulletin Today | Personal HealthAmericans love to eat out. Of every dollar we spend on food, nearly half — 48 cents — goes to the restaurant industry. (Compare that to 1955, when only 25 cents of every food dollar went toward dining out.) All told, each day Americans shell out a whopping $1.7 billion on meals out, says the National Restaurant Association. Obviously, the restaurant industry is quite happy about this, but the health experts who look at our ever-expanding waistlines are not so … Discounts!

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Money & SavingsToday, AARP announced its latest member discount – and this one is very cool, especially if you need a break from cooking…who isn’t looking for a good deal on an evening out of the house these days? AARP and have teamed up to bring an exclusive discount to AARP members on the 25,000 daily gift certificate options offered on – how cool is that?! Check out the new AARP Restaurant Discount Center at for the lowdown. Once …