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The Takeaway: Future 401(k)s Will Look More Like Old-School Pensions

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Bulletin TodayMore 401(k) plan sponsors are offering to pay benefits in a form that guarantees a set level of monthly income, regardless of how long you live. And more employers are beginning to offer these plans, Time’s Dan Kadlec reports. “Before long your 401(k) may look a lot more like your dad’s pension,” writes Kadlec. That’s a good thing. Traditional pensions that pay a set monthly income to retirees, based on their wages and length of service, were once the foundation of retirement. Along with …

The Takeaway: Three-Quarters of Minority Retirees Struggling Financially

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Bulletin TodayThe majority of Asian, African American and Hispanic retirees in the United States struggle to cover basic living expenses, according to new research from the non-profit Wider Opportunities for Women (WOW).

The Takeaway: Workers Would Trade Pay for Better Retirement Benefits

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Bulletin TodayWould you trade some of your pay for better retirement and health care benefits? A new survey from HR-consulting firm Towers Watson found more than half of U.S. workers would.

The Takeaway: How Much Does Retirement Really Cost?

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Bulletin TodayHow much money will you need in retirement? Yes, it’s a big—and complicated—question. Many retirement planning exercises start by asking you to figure out how much income you’ll need to replace after you stop working. But looking solely at income isn’t enough, says the Employee Benefit Research Institute (EBRI). A new report from the nonprofit research group considers the intersection of income, expenses and savings in retirement.

The Takeaway: Gingrich Pushes Private Social Security Accounts In Debate; Rethinking Aspirin

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Bulletin TodayNew Gingrich once again touted private Social Security accounts at last night’s Republican presidential debate in South Carolina. The televised debate was spirited but lacking in substance.

The Takeaway: Clearing Old Cells From Body Could Slow Aging; Boomers Aren’t Only Ones Worried About Retirement

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Bulletin TodayIf the latest anti-aging research on mice proves applicable to humans, future seniors could find it possible to flush old cells right out of their bodies. And a new survey finds Americans of all ages worried about retirement security.