U.S. Ranks 19th In Retirement Living

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Bulletin Today | Money & SavingsThinking about retiring soon? You may wish you lived in any one of 18 other countries since they offer better safety nets for retirees than the United States, according to a new retirement index. Norway, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Sweden and Austria rounded out the top five locations for living comfortably in retirement. Even the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Israel scored higher. According to the index, which measured financial well-being, health and other factors that contribute  to retirement security, the United States …

Au Revoir, “Car Talk”

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EntertainmentThe following is a guest post from Steve Mencher, AARP multimedia editor.  The Car Guys are retiring from the weekly grind. There was never any doubt: Car Talk isn’t really a show about cars. It’s Abbot and Costello, Burns and Allen for the public radio crowd. But here’s the thing – they really do solve car problems and take their callers, who serve in the role of straight men (and women) seriously. So why the huge success over the course …