Is ‘The Internship’ an Equal Opportunity Offender?

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EntertainmentIt’s meant to be one of The Internship’s signature comedy bits.  Failed watch salesman and Google summer intern Billy McMahon (Vince Vaughn) is trying to come up with a brand new app — if his team, which includes his buddy Nick Campbell (Owen Wilson) can create the coolest one, they’ll be a step closer to their dream of winning a full time job with the tech giant. The rest of the team, by the way, and nearly everyone else in …

Increase Your Positive Impact by Sharing Your Story

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VolunteeringIncrease Your Positive Impact by Sharing Your Story This is a guest post by Emma Bundy. Emma Bundy is the Director of Marketing for and is passionate about empowering people to speak up about nonprofits doing great work. When we volunteer or donate to a nonprofit we’re all hoping to make the biggest impact possible. Whether you volunteer an hour or two in a food pantry each month, or spend every Saturday planting trees around your neighborhood, you can …