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The 4th of July — in June!

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EntertainmentThink you’re a firecracker on American history? Bet you didn’t know that… …George Washington stood nearly 6 foot 3. …John Adams was all about the girth of a nation; the man weighed in at 200 pounds. …Thomas Jefferson was a shy and aloof young man, “known to cross his arms over his chest” during the deliberations that led to the Declaration of Independence. Don’t feel bad — I didn’t know any of that either. At least not until I read …

Rick Atkinson Plans to Refight the Revolutionary War

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EntertainmentRick Atkinson’s Guns at Last Light has topped bestseller lists since May. It was the third volume in the “Liberation Trilogy,” his epic history of World War II, and now the two-time Pulitzer winner has reupped for another conflict: the Revolutionary War. Atkinson, 60 (left), spent a grueling 15 years researching and writing the three WWII books (which now have a combined 900,000 copies in print). But “the American Revolution has always had a grip on my imagination,” he says. …

Happy July 4 (but not to Will and Kate)

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Your LifeIf I needed one more reminder of what we have to celebrate on the 4th of July, I got it last week – when the Daily Telegraph reported that Kate Middleton is required to curtsy to her husband’s aunt and female cousins, unless (of course! I should have guessed!) her husband is with her. (Whether he’s with her or not, she must always curtsy to the Queen and Prince Phillip, which I’m sure is every granddaughter-in-law’s idea of how to …