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Seeking Freedom on the Open Road

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Your LifeIt seemed somehow appropriate that Irv Thomas—author, philosopher and world-class hitchhiker—would die on the eve of Independence Day. The anniversary of America’s birth, after all, represents freedom of the individual and Thomas represented freedom of the spirit. He disliked the structured notions of life, like a 40-hour-a-week job, but hailed the distances that his soul would take on the highways of Europe and the United States, his hitchhiker’s thumb extended, anticipating the adventures that a freelance form of travel would …

Are You Ready for an RV?

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Bulletin Today | TravelIn the latest sign that the economy is improving, more and more Americans are buying recreational vehicles and taking to the roads again in search of adventure. In response to rising demand, RV makers shipped 32,100 vehicles to dealers in April 2013, an uptick of 19 percent from 2012, according to the Recreational Vehicle Association. And shipments have steadily risen this year in every category of RV, with the most dramatic growth in “total towable RVs.” Shipments of those big …