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Building a Story — The Roles of Authors and Illustrators

Posted on 04/29/2013 by |Washington D.C. | Comments

VolunteeringEvery story has a beginning, middle and end.  And in the details of that telling, we can be transported to times and places that fill us with a range of emotions — from wonder, hope and, mirth — to fear, sadness and dread.  And the best stories usually have a blend of both! My Experience Corps kids are currently engaged in “author studies.”  What you and I — if you’re a Gen Xer, boomer or older — used to call storytime!  …

A Handy Trick for Learning to Read

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Volunteering“Aoccdrning to rscheearch…” We all bring different experiences and backgrounds to our reading.  Our comprehension skills, vocabulary and language fluency all factor into what we take away from the series of letters and spaces on the page in front of us.  But the foundations of how we decode those characters comes from our learned ability to translate “letters into sounds” and “sounds into words.” And so, most of us can “read” the subtitle of this blog as “According to research…” …

Celebrating 100 Days of School on the Wall

Posted on 02/12/2013 by |Washington D.C. | Comments

VolunteeringToday my class of Experience Corps students celebrated their 100th day of school!  When I got to school the teacher had placed “100th day of school” signs all over the walls.  To celebrate, the children made crowns with a “100” featured prominently on the front, and decorated their headband with 100 hearts, numbers, triangles, dots, letters—whatever they were moved to create.  And even if they didn’t get 100 “somethings” down on the paper, when the adults stapled the bands to fit …