Tax Scammers Up Ante With Robocalls

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Bulletin Today | Money & SavingsIn the four months since it made history as “the largest scam of its kind,” a now infamous IRS imposter telephone scam has escalated with a recent new spin. As fraudsters continue to pose as agents with that agency or the U.S. Treasury Department in “live” calls that threaten arrest or deportation, along with the seizure of property, businesses and driver’s licenses, they’ve recently upped the ante to now also incorporate robocalls in this widespread ruse. Either way, the story is …

An End to Robocalls?

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Money & SavingsThe latest weapon in the battle against illegal robocalls is now ready to halt those illegal automated telemarking phone calls at your home… provided your service provider is compatible with the technology it uses. It’s called Nomorobo  – for “no more robo” and it’s free. Launching this week, it’s the brainchild of a software programmer from Long Island who won a contest earlier this year sponsored by Federal Trade Commission and offering $50,000 to the best solution against these annoying automated …

Robocalls: A Major Annoyance Gets Worse

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Bulletin Today | Personal HealthI wish someone would research the detrimental health effects of constantly receiving those annoying robocalls. Maybe then those miserable irritants could be banned as a health hazard and we could finally escape their escalating, uncontrollable presence. Not likely, I know, and despite all the national “Do Not Call Registry” efforts, the number of these unwanted calls is increasing, according to a recent story in the New York Times. Writer Alina Tugend had written an earlier column about whether she should …