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Roseanne Raises The Bar For New Comics

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EntertainmentRoseanne Barr, who tonight debuts as a judge on NBC’s Last Comic Standing, would rather be at home on her Hawaii macadamia nut farm, eating food from her garden and seeing her grandkids off to school. Now there’s a sentence you would never have expected to read back in the days when Barr was the hell-raising, tabloid-dominating, reigning queen of the TV sitcom. But here she is, after taking a red-eye flight back to LA to promote the new show, already …

Soupy Sales, James Cagney, Johnny Carson, Excedrin Headaches, and More: Random Audio From the Movies for Grownups Radio Archives

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EntertainmentSo, I’ve been doing this Movies for Grownups radio show for eight years, and every week I prowl the web looking for audio clips that’ll make it sound, you know, interesting. The thing is, I never, ever throw any of this stuff out. So now I have hours and hours of the most random sound samples you can imagine. Last week here at the office they changed out my computer, and for some reason that forced to the front of …