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The GOP Candidates and Medicare — Let’s Get Personal

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Bulletin Today | PoliticsMitt Romney turned 65 this past Monday, but instead of going photo-op on his birthday by publicly enrolling in Medicare (as actress Patty Duke recently did), his campaign let it be known that he wouldn’t be signing up for Medicare at all. Romney will simply keep his private insurance coverage, an aide told the Wall Street Journal. Romney, whose financial disclosure statements put his net worth at somewhere between $190 million to $250 million, doesn’t really need Medicare, of course, …

Older Voters to GOP Candidates: We Count

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Bulletin Today | PoliticsThe message to Republican presidential candidates Tuesday night was loud and clear: Not only do older voters play a huge role in determining the winner in the primaries, but they show up. Turnout among voters 50 and up was dramatically higher than among younger voters in both Alabama and Mississippi, according to exit polls. And Rick Santorum had voters aged 50-64 to thank for his wins in both states, which keep him in a nomination fight against Mitt Romney, the …

For Romney, a Red-Carpet Win

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Bulletin Today | PoliticsWhat do Meryl Streep, Christopher Plummer and Mitt Romney have in common? More than you might think, this week at least: they all owe key victories to an older electorate. (In case you missed it: 86 percent of voters for the Academy Awards – yes, 86 percent! – are 50 or older. Coincidence, then, that Sunday night’s 2012 Oscars felt, said the New York Times, “like an AARP pep rally?” At his own pep rally Tuesday night outside Detroit, Romney …

A Small Measure of Voter Dissatisfaction

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Bulletin Today | PoliticsAre older voters as angry as they were in 2010, when they formed the backbone of the Tea Party? Listening to an NPR report from a debate-watching party in Oracle, Ariz., on Feb. 20, you might not think so. At least not at first. Fifteen members of the Saddlebrooke Republican Club  gathered in their retirement community, which, according to the developer’s website, offers “a country club lifestyle that can best be described as breathtaking.” The partiers weren’t really representative of …

The Takeaway: GOP Debaters Rip Health Care Law; Sex After Heart Attack Okay

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Bulletin TodayAt a second South Carolina debate last night, all of the Republican presidential candidates (a crowd pared down to four—Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul, Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum—at this point) said that ‘Obamacare’ can and should be repealed or reversed.

And The Republican Presidential Nominee Will Be?!

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Your LifeWith all eyes on Iowa tonight, the Republican Presidential nominees wait with baited breath as Iowans come together and cast their vote at the caucuses. We know you’ve probably been watching the news and hearing the political back and forth, so our editor of AARP The Bulletin, Jim Toedtman, developed this quiz for you to see how your good your political prowess is. So make your predictions for the 2012 elections, keep them and see how your fared this time …