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Notable News December 14

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Bulletin TodayWe’ve talked about older Americans and technology in the past, and here’s another testament to the fact that those of retirement age are really making use of the latest technologies – from mobile phones to DVRs to the “simple” internet. Check out this short article from the New York Times article – it says that people over 65 “spent 47 percent more time than the previous year watching embedded video within social networks.” That’s a lot of growth! Here’s an …

Reverse Mortgage Question Answered

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Money & SavingsThere is plenty of useful information for you in the Wall Street Journal’s online “Ask Encore” page from this weekend. First, AARP provides the answer to a reader’s question on reverse mortgages: why aren’t the interest charges and fees on reverse mortgages tax deductible? According to the answer from AARP, it’s because with a reverse mortgage, the “actual payment” doesn’t happen until the borrower sells their home or dies – so the borrower cannot claim a tax deduction until that …