Ruben Blades

De Panamá a Nueva York: Rubén Blades

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En EspañolSon las grandes canciones que definen la estirpe de los grandes artistas. En el caso del panameño Rubén Blades, un tema como “El padre Antonio y el monaguillo Andrés” lo dice todo. Son pocos los cantautores que lograron conjugar ritmos bailables y auténtico swing tropical con una narrativa de semejante vuelo poético. Inspirada en el cruel asesinato del obispo salvadoreño Óscar Romero durante una misa en 1980, la canción trasciende los detalles específicos de Centroamérica para convertirse en un himno …

Two New Novels Tackle Regrets and Past Lives

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EntertainmentHow do you process regret at midlife? Two new novels tackle that question in interesting ways. The Original 1982 imagines what might have been if its protagonist, a singer-songwriter-waitress named Lisa, had decided not to terminate an inconvenient pregnancy 31 years ago. Lori Carson, the former lead singer of ’90s experimental band The Golden Palominos, hooks you with nostalgic references to bygone music venues like Folk City, the West Village club that launched the careers of Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, Judy …

“For Greater Glory”: When Mexico Went Loco

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Entertainment  En español | Every bit as earnest and ambitious as the characters it portrays, For Greater Glory, a war drama about an uprising against Mexico’s oppressive 1920s-era government, is the kind of movie I really didn’t think they made anymore: a sweeping account torn from the pages of history, driven by conflicted characters based on real people.             You know, it’s  a little movie. Like Lawrence of Arabia and Patton.             As those epics did, For Greater Glory takes …