Are You Thinking About Running A Marathon? Do It!

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Beauty & FashionIn 2011, the year I was turning 55, I decided to do something that would be meaningful to me, and hoped would be inspirational to others. I ran in the New York City Marathon. >> Sign up for the AARP Health Newsletter Apparently, the urge to tackle 26.2 grueling miles is becoming increasingly common for a lot of us who are over 50.  According to a Wall Street Journal article: As the total number of runners finishing marathons in the …

Eric Spector: Just Call Him Ironman

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Bulletin Today | Your LifePeople like Eric Spector amaze those of us who consider a slow walk up a moving escalator to be a real workout. The California businessman challenged himself to complete 10 kick-butt athletic events in a single year—his 65th. “I’ve never heard of anyone attempting a mix of 10 such demanding run, bike and swim events in a given year—let alone their 65th,” he says. Me, either. Spector rejects the label of elite athlete, describing himself as “just someone committed to …

Boston Blast Knocks Down Runner, 78, But He Finishes Race

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Bulletin TodayBill Iffrig was a few yards short of the finish line at the Boston Marathon when the 78-year-old runner was knocked to the ground by the first of two blasts. A Boston Globe photographer shot several pictures of the fallen Iffrig with police and race assistants nearby, and the images soon appeared around the world. Astonishingly, Iffrig was helped to his feet, apparently uninjured, and finished the race. “I was heading for the finish line,” he told ESPN’s Steve Levy. …

Ready…Set…Volunteer! Veteran Runner Shares Event Secrets

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VolunteeringEvery week in America, thousands of people line up to compete in one of the hundreds of running races that happen across the country. One such event happens in the southwest corner of Minnesota, in the town of Worthington, called the Turkey Day 10K. Set around one of the state’s scenic 10,000 lakes, Lake Okabena has been the backdrop of this race for over 30 years. The TD10K got its start back in 1980 when Jerry Fiola, a Worthington native, and …

News To Know: Turning Back The Clock

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Personal HealthSeveral studies have connecting athletic activity with extended and improved life for older Americans.